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Using Central User Administration, you can maintain user master records centrally in one system. Changes to the information are then automatically distributed to the child systems. This means that you have an overview in the central system of all user data in the entire system landscape.

Distribution of the data is based on a functioning Application Link Enabling landscape ( ALE Landscape). In this way, data can be exchanged in a controlled manner and is kept consistent. An ALE System Group is used by the Central User Administration to distribute user data between a central system and child systems linked by ALE. You should therefore familiarize yourself with basic information about the ALE Integration Technology.

Central User Administration data is distributed asynchronously between the application systems in an ALE environment. This ensures that it still reaches the target system even if it was unreachable when the data was sent.

One system in the Central User Administration ALE environment is defined as the central system. The central system is linked with every child system in both directions. The child systems are not linked to each other , with the exception of the central system, which is itself a child system, from the point of view of Central User Administration.


Use the most up-to-date system in your system landscape as your central system (if possible with a release status of 4.6C or higher). In this way, the newest functions in CUA are available to you.


Validity of this Document

This document is valid for SAP systems with one of the following specified releases or higher:

         Release 4.6B, Support Package Level 49

         Release 4.6C, Support Package Level 40

         Release 4.6D, Support Package Level 29

         SAP Web Application Server 6.10, Support Package Level 28

         SAP Web Application Server 6.20, Support Package Level 16

Some functions are implemented differently depending on the release, meaning that some variance from the description may occur. However, some functions are not available in all of these releases.

More Information:


If you have this document as an excerpt in the form of a .pdf file, you can obtain the complete documentation in the SAP Library under the path SAP NetWeaver Security Identity Management Users and Roles Central User Administration.

      SAP Tutor Central User Administration under Education and Workshops

      Authorization Made Easy Guide Book – Chapters 10 and 11 (, or

      Integration Technology ALE

      ALE Introduction and Administration



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