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Background documentation Structure of a Data Source Configuration File  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

The data sources which are used by UME are configured in an xml file that contains a list of data sources as elements and their configuration.

The following sections outline the structure of the xml file:

        <dataSources> - here you provide the metadata for each data source.

        <homeFor> and <notHomeFor> - here you define for which objects the data source is home data source.

        <responsibleFor> and <notResponsibleFor> - here you define which attributes of which principals are stored on a data source.

        <attributeMapping> - here you map logical attribute names to physical attribute names. This is only required for data sources that are LDAP directories.

        <privateSection> - here you can specify configuration properties for a data source. These properties have a higher priority than the properties set in UME properties.


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