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Procedure documentation Configuring User Mappings on the Behalf of Users  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


Use this procedure to enter mapping data on the behalf of other users. As an administrator you enter the credentials users need to access the target back-end system.


      You have user administrator rights.

      You have configured the target system for administrator mapping.

       If the target system is in the portal system landscape, you must have set User Mapping Type to admin or admin, user.

       If the target system is configured with the Destination service the administrator can always configure mappings for the system.



       1.         Start identity management.

More information: Administration of Users, Groups, and Roles

       2.         Select a principal.

       If mapping with user ID and password, you can map a user, group, or role to a back-end user.

       If mapping with tickets, you can only map a user to a back-end user.

       3.      Choose Modify.

       4.         On the User Mapping for System Access tab, configure the user mapping data.

                            a.      Select a system.

If a user mapping has already been saved for a particular system, an ex (X) appears beside the name.

       Systems defined in the portal system landscape are prefixed with Portal:.

       Systems defined in the System Landscape Directory are prefixed with SLD:.

                            b.      Enter the user ID and password of the user on the back-end system.

       If the mapped user ID is stored in a read-only LDAP directory, the User field is disabled and cannot be modified.

       If you authenticate with SSO with tickets, you must still enter the password to validate the user ID you enter, unless you have disabled this check.

More information: Configuring User Mapping with Tickets for SSO

       Enter the values for any additional parameters.

This option is only available if the system was configured in the portal system landscape and you configured User Mapping Fields.

       5.         Save your changes.

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