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Procedure documentation Creating an Outbound Filter with Customer Exit  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


If one of the target systems does not know the object type Employee, you must replace the relationship between the position and the employee in the HR system with the relationship between the position and the user. The infotype 0105 links the employee with a user ID.

The customer exit  time-dependently inserts the S-US relationships in addition to the S-P-US relationships. The ALE Filter filters out either the S-US relationships or the S-P relationships, depending on whether or not the system knows the object type Employee. In target systems with the object type Employee, the S-P-US relationships are retained, and in target systems without the Employee object type, the S-US relationships are retained. It is therefore vital that you have maintained the filter settings correctly.



       1.      Call the transaction CMOD in the HR system.

       2.      Create a project and assign the enhancement RHALE001 to it by choosing Enhancement Assignments.

       3.      Insert a filter by choosing the Components pushbutton and double clicking EXIT_SAPLRHA0_001.

       4.      Enter the include name RPRGN_XHALU01 in include ZXHALU01 of function module EXIT_SAPLRHA0_001.

If the include is not yet available to you, import the correction instructions from SAP Note 581019.

       5.      Generate the function group.

       6.      Activate the include, the function, and the project.


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