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You can view the response time as well as the external calls and traffic by using the External Systems function.

  • Response time – enables you to view the response time of an external system that is used by the monitored system.

  • External Calls – shows the number of external calls.

  • Traffic – shows the traffic (in bytes) between the monitored and the external system.


You have started SAP NetWeaver Administrator and use the AS Java Overview tool.


Viewing the Response Time

If the response time of the system is too high and the traffic light of the function is red, do the following:

  1. Choose View Outgoing Statistics from the function context menu.

  2. Sort the Call List table by response time.

  3. Determine which service or application is causing the high response time.

Viewing External Calls and Traffic

To view all external calls and traffic, go to the AS Java Statistics tool by choosing View Outgoing Statistics from the context menu of each function.

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