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The user profile is the set of user data that administrators (and sometimes business users) can display and modify. It includes attributes such as name, e-mail address, and language.


To display or modify a user profile you must be assigned a role with the proper permissions.

        User administrators should be able to display and modify user profiles.

        Other administrators may be able to display user profiles, or may only be able to change passwords.

        You may or may not want to allow business users to display or even edit their own profile. In certain scenarios it can be advisable not to allow certain types of users to modify their own data.

For an overview of the required actions, see Managing Users, Groups, and Roles.


        The user profile displays a subset of the attributes stored for a user.

        The language setting determines which language the user would prefer applications to use in the display. If no language is defined in the user profile, then the browser language is used. If the browser language is not defined, then the server’s default language is used.

You can customize the set of available languages for selection in the user profile.

      You can extend the standard user profile to include additional attributes. You can define different sets of attributes for administrators and users that are not administrators. The attributes appear under the heading Customized Information.

      The accessibility option instructs applications, which support accessibility to optimize their display for audio support of the user interface. For more information, see Accessibility.


      Administrators can display and modify the user profiles of any users that they are responsible for.

      Users can display and modify their own data.

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