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Procedure documentation Determining Transactions (RSUSR010)  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

You can use this report to determine the transactions that a user can start. A user can start a transaction if he or she has the authorization S_TCODE and, if appropriate, the authorization object entered in transaction SE93 for this transaction. For more information about prerequisites for starting transactions, see Authorization Checks.

The report also determines transactions that are executable with a certain profile (generated authorizations of a role), a particular single or composite role, or with a certain authorization for an authorization object.


       1.      Start the user information system (transaction SUIM).

       2.      Expand the Transactions node.

       3.      Choose the Execute option next to Executable for User.

       4.      Under Transaction Executable, restrict the selection using the field For User.

       5.      Choose Execute.

The result list appears, in which you can select a transaction and choose Select  to display the list of authorization objects and values for this transaction.


With the selection For User, the reference user assigned to this user is also taken into account.

If you specify a reference user in the Executable for User selection, only the authorizations assigned directly to this user are taken into account. Since a reference user cannot log on to a system, the transactions displayed by the report cannot be directly started by the reference user. Only a dialog user that has been assigned this reference user can do so.




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