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Object documentation Authorization Profile SAP_NEW  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

This composite profile contains a single profile for each release that contains the authorizations that the users require to be able to continue using the functions that they have used until now, but which are protected with new authorization checks. However, you should not leave this profile active for a long period of time.

We recommend that you perform the following steps:


       1.      After the upgrade, delete the SAP_NEW_* profiles from the composite profile SAP_NEW for releases before the last revision of your authorization concept.

       2.      Assign the composite profile SAP_NEW to all users. This means that they can continue to use the functions that they have used until now.

       3.      Distribute the authorizations contained in the SAP_NEW single profiles to the roles or profiles that you use productively and maintain the authorization values.

       4.      Delete the profile assignment for SAP_NEW and the SAP_NEW profile.

A long list of SAP_NEW profiles (for example, after multiple upgrades) indicates that it is time to revise and redefine your authorization concept.



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