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Procedure documentation Users by Complex Selection Criteria (RSUSR002)  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


This evaluation provides a total screen Users by Complex Selection Criteria on which subordinate selection criteria that can also be used directly (such as by user name, by role, by authorization values) are combined. To obtain users, restrict the selection by entering data in the fields. If you execute the report without making any entries, all users of the current system are displayed.


To compare, for example, the master records of two users at the level of authorization for an object, follow this procedure:


       1.      In your SAP System, open two sessions to perform the procedure in parallel for both authorization objects to be compared.

       2.      In the user information system, choose Users Users by complex selection criteria by user ID, or execute report RSUSR002 using transaction SA38.

       3.      Specify the user name in the User field.

       4.      Choose Execute.

       5.      By double clicking the user name, you can display the list for the user.

       6.      Select the first node <user name>, and choose Select/Expand Subtree.

The Restrict User Values to the Following Simple Profiles and Auth. Objs screen appears.

       7.      Specify the authorization object to be compared, such as F_BKPF_BUK, and choose Execute.


In the hierarchy display of the user master record, all branches that contain authorizations for the selected object are expanded.


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