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Background documentation Determining Users with the Users Node  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

There are a number of evaluation options available to you using the Users node. These are explained below.

        Cross-System Information

        Users by Address Data (RSUSR002_ADDRESS)

You perform the procedure for evaluating with generic input options (placeholder asterisk and multiple selection). To obtain a result, the corresponding criteria, such as room, must be maintained in the user data.

        Users by Complex Selection Criteria (RSUSR002)

        By Critical Combinations of Authorizations at Transaction Start (RSUSR008)

        With incorrect logon attempts (RSUSR006)

This evaluation is started immediately without additional selection criteria when you choose Execute in the User Information System. The result list displays all users with incorrect logon attempts:

        Number of incorrect logon attempts (users that are not locked)

        Users locked due to incorrect logon attempts

        Users locked by administration

        Users locked globally in the central system (if you are using CUA)

        Users locked locally and globally by the administration (if you are using CUA)

This evaluation also displays the date and time of the last logon.

        By logon date and password change (RSUSR200)

        With critical authorizations (RSUSR009)

        With Critical Authorizations (New Version) (RSUSR008_009_NEW)



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