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You can view all error and fatal messages by using the Error and Fatal functions. You can also view all logs per minute using the Logs per Minute function.


You have started SAP NetWeaver Administrator and use the AS Java Overview tool.


Viewing Fatal and Error Logs

If the number of error or fatal logs is too high and the traffic light of the functions is red, proceed as following:

  1. To investigate the error, choose View Logs from the context menu to open the Log Viewer tool.

  2. Determine which service or application is causing the error/fatal log.

  3. Restart the relevant service/application.

Viewing Logs per Minute

If the number of logs per minute is too high and the function traffic light is red, proceed as following:

  1. Choose Configure Logs from the context menu.

  2. In the Log Configuration tool, choose Tracing Locations from the Show dropdown box.

  3. In Location, enter and choose Go.

  4. Select the trace location “com” and change the severity state.

  5. Choose Copy to Sub-Tree and then Save Configuration to save the changes.