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Using Session Management, you can monitor and administer all open user sessions in AS Java. That is, you can see who is working on the system and what applications they are using.


You have started Session Management from   SAP NetWeaver Administrator   Configuration Management   Infrastructure   Session Management  .

Alternatively, you can access the function with the quick link: /nwa/sessionmgt.


Monitoring Sessions

In the Client Context screen area, you get a list of all active sessions of all users on AS Java (for example, administrator, guest, other user). Each user is recognized by its context.

In the table, you can view various parameters of the sessions – user name, IP, the time it was last accessed, active requests to this session and their duration, the communication protocol used, and so on. You can filter the sessions by their parameters. For example, in the CPU column, you can identify the most resource consuming sessions and stop them, if needed.

Administering Sessions
  • To terminate a certain session, select it and choose Kill. This will log out the user of this session and it will no longer be visible in the table.

  • To refresh the list of sessions, choose Refresh.

  • To download all the data in the Client context table in an Excel file, choose Export to excel.

If you need more information about the client context, go to the Client Context Details tab. It shows the particular application accessed by the user, its name, user, time of creation and expiration.

  • To refresh the list of applications, choose Refresh.

  • To terminate a certain application, select it and choose Invalidate .

The Active Requests tab shows more information about the ongoing requests to this application.

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