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Procedure documentation Comparing and Adjusting Role Menus  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You can use this procedure to compare role menus that

        Belong to two roles in an SAP System

        Belong to two roles in different SAP Systems

        Belong to a role and its template

        Belong to a newly-delivered role and its previous customer version


To compare two role menus from different systems, their RFC destinations must be maintained.



To compare the role menus, use the display mode by choosing the Compare pushbutton . To adjust the menu of the first role, that is to copy parts of the comparison role menu, choose change mode by choosing Adjust. The procedure describes change mode.

       1.      In the role maintenance (transaction PFCG), choose Utilities Role comparison tool or call transaction ROLE_CMP.

       2.      Enter the name of the role to be adjusted in the Role input field. Then enter the comparison role in the Comparison role field.


If you specify a single role in the Role field, compare it only to another single role. If you specify a composite role in the Role field, compare it only to a single or composite role contained within it.

       3.      Choose Adjust.

The Role Comparison screen appears. Until you choose Save or Activate, this screen is the same as the display mode under Role Comparison.


In this example, we compare the role to be compared Role_Compare_1 with the comparison role Role_Compare_2. Two menu entries are red in Role_Compare_1. This means that this role has two extra entries in comparison to the role Role_Compare_2. You can delete these entries by dragging them to the trashcan.

In the menu of the role Role_Compare_2, the entry Business Add-Ins is blue. That is, this entry is not contained in the role menu to be adjusted. You can copy it to the appropriate place in the role menu to be adjusted using Drag&Drop.

You cannot change the black entries.

       4.      Save your entries. You have created a maintenance version and the initial screen appears again.

On the initial screen of the transaction, you can choose Role Delete maintenance vers to discard the changes.

       5.      Choose Activate to create an active version of the compared role menu.


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