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This interface is used as the method handler for Table UI elements.


These two functions access the application context, and change the data in the context node of the dataSource of the Table, in order to sort and filter the data. Property Table.rowCount is also used for filtering. These methods can only be used for tables that meet the following conditions:

  • There are no RowArrangements, and in particular no hierarchical tables.

  • There are no CellVariants.

  • There is no MultiSorting

  • No rowCount is used.

  • The context node that is bound to the Table.dataSource, can contain static attributes only, and must not contain subnodes. Any existing subnodes are deleted by APPLY_FILTER and APPLY_SORTING.

Filtering also enables specific expressions to be parsed, such as *, =, < and >.

If parameter keep_lead_selection_visible = X, the lead selection table is scrolled. With parameter SET_IS_FILTERED_AT_COLUMN for APPLY_FILTERING() you can specify whether the filter icons should be set in filtered tables (that is, TableColumn.isFiltered is automatically set or deleted).

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For more information about the individual methods see the relevant documentation for the respective method.

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