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Procedure documentation Changing Partner Profiles with Active Background Processing  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


If you perform the IDoc processing in the background, you must change the partner profiles in the child systems as the distribution model that you created in the central system with the generated partner profiles is not distributed immediately.


You have created the ALE distribution model in the central system and have generated the partner profiles.


  1. Log on to the child system.
  2. In the Implementation Guide (IMG, transaction SALE), choose Modeling and Implementing Business Processes ® Maintain Distribution Model and Distribution Views (transaction BD64).
  3. Select your distribution model.
  4. Choose Environment ® Generate Partner Profile (transaction BD82).
  1. Enter the required data:



Model view

Name of the model view in capital letters (such as ZBV)

Partner system

Logical system name of the central system (ADMCLNT070)



Package size


Inbound parameters/Processing

Triggered by background program (Update by background program for large transfers)


You can use the Package Size attribute to determine how many IDocs are sent for each RFC operation.

  1. Choose Execute.



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