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Procedure documentation Assigning an Authorization Object to an Object Class  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

Each authorization object must be assigned to an object class when it is created.

Choose Tools ® ABAP Workbench ® Development ® Other tools ® Authorization objects ® Objects. You can also create authorization objects in the Object Navigator (SE80).

Creating / Choosing Object Classes

The system displays a list of existing object classes.

Object classes are organized according to the components of the system.

Before you can create a new object, you must define the object class for the component in which you are working. The objects are not overwritten when you install new releases.

You can also define your own object classes. If you do so, select class names that begin with Y or Z to avoid conflicts with SAP names.

Creating an Object

Enter a unique object name and the fields that belong to the object. Object names must begin with the letter Y or Z in accordance with the naming convention for customer-specific objects.

You can enter up to ten authorization fields in an object definition. You must also enter a description of the object and create documentation for it.

Ensure that the object definition matches the AUTHORITY-CHECK calls that refer to the object.


Do not change or delete authorization objects defined by SAP. This disables SAP programs that use the objects.

You can regenerate the profile SAP_ALL after creating an authorization object.

For further information, see the documentation in the transaction.