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As an alternative to maintaining your profiles and authorizations with the role maintenance functions of the Profile Generator, you can also maintain them manually.


As of SAP R/3 4.6C, we strongly recommend that you do not maintain authorizations and profiles manually. Instead, use roles and role maintenance functions to maintain your user authorization data.

As with the Profile Generator, you must first define all job descriptions in the job description for your organization. You then define the desired authorizations for each job description. These authorizations consist of fields that contain values. The authorization checks in SAP systems use these values to determine whether a user is authorized to perform certain actions. You can combine multiple authorizations in a profile. You can also create composite profiles. You then assign to each user the profiles that he or she requires to perform his or her tasks.

This section describes how to create and maintain authorizations manually.


You can generate authorizations and profiles on the basis of selected transactions. See Role Maintenance.


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