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Procedure documentation  Comparing Check Indicators/Field Values After Upgrade  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

After a Release upgrade you can compare the default check indicators and the field values of the previous and new Releases. To do this, call Transaction SU25 (steps 2a to 2d).

If you have made changes to check indicators or field values in Transaction SU24, you can compare these with the new SAP default values. The previous and new settings are displayed in a list. You can decide whether you want to use each new setting or retain the previous one.

In the next step, the system displays a list of roles affected by changes to the authorization data. Edit and regenerate their authorization profiles.


To save time if you utilize a large number of roles, you can skip editing and assign the profile SAP_NEW to the users manually. The profile SAP_NEW is delivered with every new Release and contains the authorizations for all new checks in existing transactions. Remove any subprofiles from the profile SAP_NEW that are not relevant to your users. You can tailor the authorization profiles the next time they need to be changed (for example, when the role menu changes). 

Step 2d display a list all roles containing any transactions in the system that have been replaced by one or more other transactions.

In the last section, you can adjust authorization checks. This includes changing check indicators (Transaction SU24) and globally switching off authorization objects.

You can create roles from manually created authorization profiles in step 6. You must then adjust and check them.




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