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Most Web applications do not require users with individual SAP user names and individual passwords. However, identification can be required for these applications, for example, a user who has browsed anonymously in the product catalog wants to place an order. To do this, the user must be able to identify himself or herself as a customer.

Internet users are identified by user names and the user type. The user type depends on the Internet application components which the user wants to run.

Internet user information is a client-specific user master record enhancement. If the Internet user later identifies himself or herself to the Web applications, these entries are checked. Access is refused to unauthorized users.

There are two ways in which Internet users can be created. Either in the Internet by the user himself or herself with a function provided by the application or by the administrator, who then forwards the user data to the user. Transaction SU01 is used for this. Creating the Internet user with transaction SU01 corresponds to creating a normal user, to which you assign an alias name and a reference user on the tab pages of this transaction (see section Reference to the Logon Data tab page. However, the Internet applications usually create their own Internet user in their own transactions using transaction SU01, for example, you can create an Internet user when creating a business partner.


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