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You can create a user by copying an existing one. You can copy the standard values, addresses, and parameter settings, or copy the entire user and create it under a new name.


You are authorized to assign the authorizations, systems, roles, profiles, and reference users that are assigned to the user to be copied. Otherwise, the role for which you do not have authorization is not copied to the new user master record. When copying or assigning a reference user, the system checks whether you are authorized to assign its profiles and roles.

If you cannot copy the template user completely, because, for example, the reference user does not exist in the current system, the system displays a log with the exact causes of the error.



       1.      Choose Tools Administration User Maintenance User (transaction SU01).

       2.      Specify the user to be copied.

       3.      Choose Copy This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.

The system displays the Copy User dialog box.

       4.      Enter the names of the reference and new users.

       5.      Select the desired values and leave the dialog box by choosing Copy (This graphic is explained in the accompanying text).

The system displays the Maintain User screen. You can edit the user more here.

       6.      To actually create the user, save your entries.


When you are copying a user, the reference user of the copy source is always copied too, as long as you have sufficient authorizations to assign the roles or profiles of the reference user. If you do not want the reference user to be assigned to the new user, you must manually delete it from the user master record after the copy process.

Errors that occur during the authorization checks are collected and displayed in a log.

         If an error occurred during the authorization check, this is displayed in a log.

         For information about authorization checks for the assignment of reference users, see SAP Note 513694.


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