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Assign roles to the users in the SAP System so that they receive authorizations to execute functions. You have the following options:

         Assign the Role to Users in Role Maintenance (Transaction PFCG)

         Assign the Role to Users Using the SAP Easy Access Menu.

         You are assigning roles to users in user maintenance (transaction SU01) (explained in the procedure below).


Collective roles are automatically broken down. The individual roles contained within them are entered.


You have created the roles that you want to assign to the users.

Assigning Roles to Users in User Maintenance


       1.      Choose Tools Administration User Maintenance Users (transaction SU01).

       2.      Specify the user to which you want to assign one or more roles.

       3.      Specify any number of roles on the Roles tab page.

       4.      To assign a role to a user for a limited time, specify a date in the Valid from or the Valid to column. You can use the input help calendar to do this.


To assign additional authorizations to a user, you can also assign a reference user for additional rights to it (see Logon Data Tab Page).

Special Features for an Active Central User Administration (CUA)

        Column System

The system also displays the column System on the Roles and Profiles tab page. It specifies the system for which you have assigned the role or profile for each entry.

        Reference user

This assignment of a reference user is valid for all systems in a CUA landscape. If the reference user does not exist in a CUA child system, the assignment is ignored.

        Text comparison from child sys.

On the Roles and Profiles tab pages in the central system of the CUA, you can choose Text comparison from child sys. to inform the central system about the names of the roles and profiles that exists in the child systems. Only then can you display and select roles from the child systems in the central system using the input help. You cannot assign roles from child systems manually without a text comparison.

You can choose the roles obtained through the Text comparison for external systems. If these are composite roles, the composite roles in the target system must consist of local single roles. For your own system, you can enter the roles that can be maintained with role maintenance. This can also be single roles that are tied to the system (single roles with a target system attribute) and composite roles containing single roles that are tied to the system and local single roles.


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