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With user administration, you first create a user master record for every user, so that the user can log on to the SAP system. You assign one or more roles to the user using the user master record to determine which activities are contained in the user menu and which authorizations the user has.

User master records are client-specific. You therefore need to maintain separate user master records for each client in your SAP System. You can use Central User Administration to simplify cross-client user administration. Maintaining centrally administered users is slightly different from user administration without CUA (User Administration with Active Central User Administration).

You cannot transport user master records. Instead, you can user master records either using a client copy or use Central User Administration and use it to distribute the user master records from the central system to the child systems (see User Administration with Active Central User Administration).

The user administration tool (transaction SU01) and related transactions (such as mass maintenance with transaction SU10) are described in the following sections.


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