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Procedure documentationViewing Remote Protocols with the RMI - P4 Session Browser Locate this document in the navigation structure


Using the RMI-P4 Session Browser, you can view detailed information about the following remote protocols used in your Application Server Java: P4; IIOP; Telnet.


You have started the RMI-P4 Session Browser from   SAP NetWeaver Administrator   Problem Management   Java   RMI-P4 Session Browser.  

Alternatively, you can access this application using the quick link: /nwa/remote-sessions.

More information: SAP NetWeaver Administrator


Viewing Remote Protocols
  1. From the Instance drop-down list, choose the instance of the server process you want to monitor.

  2. From the Cluster Node drop-down list, specify the server process.

  3. Choose the Protocols tab.

  4. In the Protocol list screen area, you can find all the remote protocols (P4; IIOP; Telnet), and the number of threads reserved for each one of them.

  5. To view all the remote objects exported on the server process for a particular protocol, select the protocol name.

    • In the Remote Objects screen area, you can find information about the Java class name of the remote object, the key under which it is registered in the protocol, and whether or not it is redirectable (can be restored after a server crash).

    • In the Remote Object Details screen area, you can find more protocol-specific information about a selected remote object, such as remote interfaces implemented by the remote object, and so on.

Viewing Connections
  1. To view information about the connections currently opened from/to the specified server process, choose the Connections tab.

  2. The Connections screen area displays details such as connection ID, IP address, port number and the communication protocol.

  3. In the Calls screen area, you can view information about the calls currently processed in the cluster.