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Procedure documentation Determining Existing RFC Destinations and System Users  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

If your systems are already configured for ALE distribution, you do not need to create a new system user, but should use the existing system user and extend its authorizations by assigning it the roles specified under Creating System Users.



       1.      Log on to the central system (in this example, ADMCLNT070).

       2.      In the Implementation Guide (IMG; transaction SALE), choose Sending and Receiving Systems Systems in Network Define Target Systems for RFC Calls (transaction SM59).

The system displays the screen Display and Maintain RFC Destinations.

       3.      Expand the ABAP connections node and search for the RFC destination with the name of the child system (such as PRDCLNT324).

        If the child system is not in the list, you must create this RFC destination.


Give the RFC destination the same name as the logical system and enter the name in capital letters.

        If the child system is in the list, you must determine the name of the existing system user.

       4.      To determine the name of the system user, select the child system and choose Edit Change.

The system displays the RFC Destination <logical system name>.

       5.      The system user of the child system is in the Logon group box.

To determine the system user of the central system, perform this procedure in a child system.



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