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If you have configured user management to use companies, users can register themselves at logon. If they specify a company in their registration request, their request must be approved or rejected by a user administrator. Use this procedure to approve or reject a user's registration request.



To approve users that have registered themselves:

  1. Start identity management.

    For more information, see Identity Management.

  2. Select a company.

    Only overall user administrators can choose all companies. Company administrators can only approve users in their own company.

    1. Choose the Change Company Selection pushbutton.

    2. In the list, select the company for which you want to find unapproved users or choose - ALL - if you want to find unapproved users for all companies.

    3. Choose the Save Company Selection pushbutton.

  3. Search for unapproved users.

    1. Select User as the type of object to search for and choose the Advanced Search pushbutton.

    2. On the Frequently-Used Information tab, select Unapproved Users.

    3. Choose the Search pushbutton.

      A list of unapproved users appears.

  4. In the list, select the user or users that you want to approve and choose the Approve pushbutton.

    To reject users that have registered themselves, choose the Deny pushbutton.