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By default, SAP NetWeaver Application Server (AS) Java provides standard users for administrative and guest access, as well as communication users for connecting to the installed data source. The standard users on the AS Java vary according to the data source and installation options as shown in the table below.

AS Java Standard Users


AS ABAP Data Source

Database Data Source

Administrator user

Caution Caution

This user has wide-ranging administrative access to the AS Java. We recommend that you use strong password and auditing policies for this user.

End of the caution.

Specified during installation.

We recommend:


Specified during installation.

Default suggestion:


Guest user

This user is used for anonymous access to the AS Java. By default, this user is locked.

Specified during installation.

We recommend:


Specified during installation.

Default suggestion:


Technical user

You configure the communication user for an LDAP data source as a post-installation step.

For more information, see Configuring the UME to Use an LDAP Directory as Data Source.

Specified during installation.

We recommend:


Specified during installation.

Default suggestion:


This user exists in the database and is not visible to the user management engine (UME). The AS Java uses this user for DB connectivity.

Note Note

When using the UME with AS ABAP, the AS Java users must exist in the AS ABAP data source before you install the AS Java. If you have several AS Java systems with AS ABAP data sources, we recommend that you create system-specific users using the naming convention provided above. In addition, you must complete the initial password setup for the AS ABAP users, before installing the AS Java.

For more information, see UME Data Sources.

End of the note.

In addition the AS Java creates service users and the emergency user.

Additional Standard Users of the AS Java




The emergency user exists in the emergency user store of the AS Java. It has full administrative authorizations. If you cannot access your AS Java by any other means you can activate this user to repair your configuration.

For more information, see Activating the Emergency User.


Service user of the Portal Content Directory (PCD) service.


Service user of the UME.