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Procedure documentationAssigning Principals to Roles or Groups Locate this document in the navigation structure


You can assign principals (users, roles, and groups) to roles and groups as follows:

  • Roles

    Roles reflect a user’s function. By assigning a role to a user, you provide the user with the authorizations or functions that he or she needs to fulfill specific tasks. You can also indirectly assign a role to a user by assigning the group to which the user belongs to the role.

    You can display portal roles and user management engine (UME) roles.

    For more information about types of roles, see UME Roles and Portal Roles.

    For more information about assigning portal roles, see Assigning Portal Roles to Users and Groups.

    You can assign the following principals to roles:

    • Users

    • Groups

    • Actions

      Actions include UME actions as well as security roles.

  • Groups

    You can assign the following principals to groups:

    • Users

    • Groups

    • Roles

    For more information, see UME Groups.


Restrictions to group assignments (if any) depend on the data source where the principals reside.


To assign principals, you must be assigned a role that includes the relevant actions. For example, to assign users to a role, you must have the right to manage both users and roles.

For more information, see Managing Users, Groups, and Roles.


  1. Start identity management.

    For more information, see Identity Management.

  2. Choose a role or group.

  3. Choose the Modify pushbutton.

  4. Choose Assigned Users, Assigned Groups, Assigned Actions, or Assigned Roles as required.

  5. Under Available Users, Available Groups, Assigned Actions, or Available Roles, search for a principal.

    • You can narrow the search by selecting the data source you want to search, if there is more than one data source.

    • To view the details of assigned and available principals, click the principal Name or Logon ID, and choose Show Details. The details appear in a new window.

  6. Select a principal from the search results list and choose the Add pushbutton.

  7. Save your entries.