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Use this procedure to change the status of Java applications on all instances at runtime.

You can:

  • change the application status for the current runtime only;

  • set status “Started”/”Stopped“ as initial for future runtimes.


  1. In the SAP NetWeaver Administrator, choose    Operation Management   Systems   Start & Stop  .

  2. Choose the Java Applications tab.

    All available applications are displayed in a table format with the corresponding name, vendor, status and functionality.

  3. Select an application.

  4. You can perform the following activities:

Starting and Stopping Applications on All Instances
  1. Go to the Application List area and choose Start or Stop, respectively.  Start / Stop   On All Instances  . To start / stop an application, choOn the Application details screen area, choose the Start or Stop button, and select On All Instances.

  2. If you want the change of the application status to be valid only for the current runtime, choose On All Instances.

  3. To set the change as future initial state, choose On All Instances and Set "Started" / “Stopped” as Initial State.

    Note Note

    We recommend that you use this option with careful consideration of the impact on the overall system performance. More information: SAP Note 1103864

    End of the note.
Viewing Application References, Modules, Resources and Details

Go to Details about <application_name> area and choose from the following tabs:

  • Reference – shows all the components (services, libraries, other applications) that the application refers to.

  • Modules – shows the J2EE modules that compose the application.

  • Resources – shows the J2EE resources used by the application.

  • Details – provides general information about the application.

    It also provides an option for managing the application failover.

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