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Procedure documentationStarting and Stopping Java Services Locate this document in the navigation structure


Use this procedure to change the status of Java services at runtime.


  1. In the SAP NetWeaver Administrator, choose   Operation Management   Systems   Start & Stop  .

  2. Choose the Java Services tab.

    All services available are displayed in a table format with corresponding name, service component name, status, and core indicator. This indicator is enabled if the service is a core service, that is, if the service provides core functions within AS Java.

    Note Note

    The core services cannot be stopped or restarted.

    End of the note.
  3. Select a service.

    The instances on which this service is run are displayed within the Details About Service <name> pane, with corresponding instance name, host and status information.

  4. Choose Start, Stop or Restart to perform the relevant activity you want.

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