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You use the tab Components Info to overview and browse components and their versions, as well as other information.

There are two screen areas:

  • Software Components

  • Development Components


You have started the System Information tool.


Viewing Software Components

For each installed software component, the following information is available:

  • Vendor

  • Name

  • Version

  • Location

    The location where the component is installed

Viewing Development Component

In this screen area, you can view the following development components:

  • All installed development components

    In the Display dropdown box, choose All Development Components.

  • All development components of a software component.

    In the Software Components screen area, select a component and then from the Display dropdown box, choose per selected Software Component.

In addition to the information displayed for each software component, the following information is displayed for each development component:

  • Change number

  • Apply time

  • The Software Type

  • The Software Component, to which the development component belongs to.

  • If you choose Export to Excel pushbutton, you can export the data from each screen area into a file that you can save locally.

  • You can sort the columns ascending and descending by selecting the column headings.

  • You can use the standard filtering functions.