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System information provides administrators with an overview of the system configuration and its state. It shows all of the system's instances and processes, their current state and important parameters, such as ports, that may be required for support cases, as well as the versions of the components installed.

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You can view information about VM parameters and settings using the Java System Properties tool of the SAP NetWeaver Administrator.

More information: Java System Properties

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Starting the System Information Tool

You can start the tool in the following ways:

  • From the SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java start page, choose SystemInformation.

  • From the SAP NetWeaver Administrator, choose   Configuration Management   Infrastructure   System Info.  

Viewing Instances Information

By choosing the SystemInfo tab, you can view all instances installed, together with important detailed information.

More information: Viewing Instances Information

Viewing Components Information

By choosing the ComponentsInfo tab, you can view all software and development components installed, together with detailed information.

More information: Viewing Components Information