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This section lists reference information relating to the user management engine (UME):

  • UME logical attributes

    A list of the fixed logical attribute names used in the Java application programming interface (API) of UME. This is useful if you are using an LDAP directory as a data source for your user-related data and you need to perform attribute mapping.

    More information: Logical Attributes.

  • Standard Users

    A list of the default users installed with SAP NetWeaver Application Server (AS) Java.

    More information: Standard Users.

  • User types

    A set of standard security policies applied to users. These policies determine if a user password can expire or if the user can log on to the system.

    More information: User Types.

  • Standard user groups

    A list of the default user groups installed with the AS Java.

    More information: Standard User Groups.

  • Standard UME roles

    A list of the UME roles shipped with the UME.

    More information: Standard UME Roles.

  • Standard UME actions

    A list of the UME actions shipped with UME.

    More information: Standard UME Actions.

  • Standard Java EE security roles

    Information about the Java EE security roles installed with the AS Java and their relation to the UME.

    More information: Standard Java EE Security Roles.

  • UME properties

    This is not a comprehensive list of all properties. But a reference on the configuration structure and where and how you can learn more about UME properties.

    More information: UME Properties.

  • UME cache

    Description of the UME cache and how it works.

    More information: UME Cache.

  • Import format for UME principals

    Description of the syntax used to create files to import user management data with the UME.

    More information: Import Format for UME Principals.