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The export function enables you to export users, groups, and roles to a text file format that you can use to transfer user management data to other SAP NetWeaver Application Server (AS) Java systems. Or you can modify the file and reimport it to perform mass operations.


You are assigned a role that includes the relevant actions or combination of actions.

To export users, you must be assigned a role with the UME action Batch_Admin at a minimum.

  • To export roles or groups, you must have permission to read roles or groups respectively.

  • To export data for all companies, you must have permission to manage all companies.


  1. Start identity management.

    More information: Identity Management.

  2. Select one or more users, groups, or roles and choose the Export pushbutton.

    The data appears in the import format in the browser window.

  3. Copy and paste the text to the local file system.

    Note Note

    Some data, such as user passwords, are not exported as this would be a breach of security.

    More information: Import Format for UME Principals.

    End of the note.


Edit the data and reimport into the system or import the data into another AS Java.

More information: Importing User Management Data