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Use the maintenance function of the directory server (transaction LDAP) to configure and maintain the information required for the use of the LDAP Connector:

In addition, you can monitor the LDAP Connector with the Computing Center Management System (transaction RZ20).


The LDAP Connector requires access to a specific LDAP library that may not yet be installed on specific application server platforms. You can find a list of the LDAP libraries for all platforms in the SAP Service Marketplace, under:

http://   Security in Detail   Identity Management   Directory Service Integration  

Check the whether the LDAP Connector is operable; that is check the availability of the LDAP library, as follows:

Start the LDAP Connector at operating system level in the kernel directory with the following command:


The LDAP Connector displays a version number and other technical details. If an error occurs, analyze the operating system error message.