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You must log on to the directory service to be able to execute the LDAP protocol functions using the Directory Service Connection (transaction LDAP) function.


You have completed the Customizing:

You can also perform the configuration from the Directory Service Connection screen using the Server Names, System Users, and Connector pushbuttons.


  1. Call transaction LDAP.

  2. Specify the directory server (using entry help).

  3. Specify the LDAP Connector (using entry help). If you do not make any entries, the system selects an LDAP Connector itself, if there is at least on LDAP Connector with the status Connector active entered in Customizing (Connector pushbutton).

  4. Press Logon.

    The Logon to Directory Service screen appears.

  5. You have the following options for logging on:

    • Select Use System User, so that the system uses the data for the LDAP system user from Customizing (System User pushbutton).

    • Enter a directory service user and its password.

    • Leave all fields empty to log on to the directory service anonymously.

  6. Choose Execute.

    You return to the initial screen and now have directory-dependent functions of the LDAP protocol available under Operations.