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So that you can extend your directory service easily and with a large number of attributes, many directory service vendors offer the option of importing a schema extension as a file in the LDAP Data Interchange Format (LDIF).

You can generate an LDIF file of this type for a number of common directory services using the report RSLDAPSCHEMAEXT. The report displays a list of the attributes to be created for SAP-specific data fields that you can then import into your directory product.


Your directory service vendor offers the option of importing LDIF files.


  1. Execute report RSLDAPSCHEMAEXT (for example, using transaction SE38).

    The system displays the Generation of Schema Extensions screen.

  2. Specify your directory service product using the possible inputs help.

  3. Choose Execute.


The system displays a list of attributes for schema extension that you can save in a local file on your frontend. Comment lines contained in the file explain how you can import the schema extension into your directory product using the utilities of your directory service provider.

You have created attributes in your directory service that can accept the data from the SAP-specific data fields.

In the next step, you assign the fields to the attributes in the mapping maintenance.