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You can configure security settings for the service provider and service consumer for the runtime of Web services.


You perform pre-settings for this purpose during Web service design in the AS ABAP development environment. You will find pre-settings for Web Services in the SOA Manager (Transaction SOAMANAGER) under   Service Administration   Single Service Administration   for services and consumer proxies in the tab page called Details.

Security Settings

In the runtime configuration, you can configure service providers individually or together using profiles.

  • Transport Guarantee

  • HTTP Authentication

    The authentication information is found in the HTTP header.

    • User Name/Password (Basic)

    • X.509 Certificate

      Authentication with an X.509 certificate.

    • Logon Ticket

      Authentication with an SAP Assertion Ticket.

More information: HTTP Transport Level Authentication

You choose one of the predefined security settings during the runtime configuration for the service consumer.

Recommended WS Security Scenarios

SAP has put together recommendations for you on combining authentication and transport guarantee mechanisms. You can also get information on what prerequisites you have to fulfill to implement the scenario in your systems.

More information: Recommended WS Security Scenarios

Configuration Examples for AS ABAP

More information about secure Web services scenarios: Configuration Examples for AS ABAP