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Procedure documentation Avoiding Termination when Saving the System Landscape  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You can use this procedure to save the system landscape that you created in transaction SCUA; even if not all of the child systems are accessible by RFC: The systems that are not accessible by RFC are not saved. These are the systems with the RFC status unknown or unobtainable.

With selective saving, the system performs the same actions as with a complete save. However, there is the following difference for child systems: systems that are not selected do not contain any information about the changed CUA landscape. However, this does not lead to a restriction of the functions, but only to the fact that the ALE distribution model (transaction BD64) is not identical in the child systems and the central system.

For newly-added systems with the status obtainable, the text comparison is implicitly started with the selective save in the same way as with the complete save.


      One or more child systems have the RFC status unknown or unobtainable.



       1.      In transaction SCUA in the central system, select only the child systems that have the RFC status The system is available by RFC.

When you start the transaction, the system checks the RFC connections to the child systems. The RFC status unknown means that the child system’s response took too long. You can try to obtain the status obtainable by choosing Update Unknown RFC Status.

       2.      Choose Save Selected System.

If you added new systems but did not select these, the system displays a warning. You can confirm the warning (ENTER) and continue with the save. In this case, the newly-added, but not selected system is excluded from further processing and is not saved. Alternatively, choose Cancel (F12) on the dialog box and correct your selection and save again.


You have saved the system landscape for the systems that are accessible by RFC.


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