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The following sections describe how to configure individual elements of user and role administration:

      First Installation Procedure  

Before you use an ABAP system productively, you need to fulfill the prerequisites for administering users. In particular, this includes the following tasks:

       Setting Up User and Authorization Administrators  

This section describes how you can divide the user administration tasks among a number of administrators to ensure task separation when assigning authorizations.

       Setting Up the Role Administration Tool   

In addition to the setting-up of the tool, this section also describes how to handle authorization checks.

       Logon and Password Security in the ABAP-System   

This section contains the password rules, the logon and password profile parameters, and the Customizing switches for generated passwords.

       Protecting Special Users          

This section describes what you can do during the installation to protect users that already exist against misuse.

      Role Administration         

This section describes which functions are available to the administrator for role administration, and the indirect assignment of roles using the organizational structure.


      Central User Administration            

This section describes how you can centrally set up and operate user administration for an ABAP system group.

      Central Repository for Personalization Data   

This section describes how to set up a central repository for all user- and role-specific data.

      Directory Services       

This section describes how to set up an LDAP-compatible directory service and data synchronization between this and the ABAP system.

      Upgrade Procedure           

This section describes how to changeover the role administration with the profile generator and general postprocessing when upgrading.




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