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In ABAP-centered role administration you to take advantage of your established authorization concept. You can add a portal to the system and create portal roles by leveraging your ABAP roles. This does require you to manually upload the ABAP roles from each production system to the portal.

The figure below illustrates the role upload process and creation of portal roles.

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text



You have created ABAP roles in the relevant ABAP-based systems.



       1.      In the portal, upload the roles from each ABAP production system you want to work with as worksets.

The ABAP roles end up in the portal content directory (PCD) as worksets or roles. The worksets enable you to build coherent portal roles for your portal users.

For more information, see Uploading Roles from Back-End Systems.

       2.      Use delta links to build portal roles from the uploaded worksets.

Delta links ensure that the portal roles can be upgraded easily through new uploads of the ABAP roles to the portal system.

For more information, see the following:

        Creating and Editing Workcenter Roles

        Creating and Editing Freestyle Roles and Worksets


You are ready to assign users to the uploaded roles. Determine if you want to assigns user from the ABAP system or from the portal.

        For more information about assigning users to roles from the ABAP system, see Using ABAP-Centered Role Assignment.

        To assign users to roles from the portal, you must distribute the roles to the relevant ABAP systems first.

For more information about distributing roles to ABAP systems, see Using Portal-Centered Role Administration.

For more information about assigning roles from the portal, see Using Portal-Centered Role Assignment.

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