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The directory server access log records the duration and type of requests made to the directory server configured as data source for the user management engine (UME).


You can configure the UME to log access to your LDAP directory server. This enables you to monitor how long different types of searches take to optimize or troubleshoot directory server access.

To enable the directory server access log file, set the indicator Record LDAP Access. For more information, see Configuring the UME to Use an LDAP Directory as Data Source.


This log does not have a maximum file size. Disable the log when you no longer need it.

To view the log file, use any text editor.


When enabled, the UME creates the directory server access log file, sapum.access.audit, in the following location:


When you start the SAP NetWeaver Application Server (AS) Java, the system checks for the existence of a previous log. If a log exists, the system appends a time stamp to the file name and creates a new log file.

Description of Log File Entries



Time stamp

Time and date the log entry was made.

Request type

search or read, including the time in seconds since Jan 1, 1970.

Request parameter

For a search request, the parameter includes the base path where the search starts in the directory server structure and any search filter applied.

For a read request, the parameter include the attributes to be read.

Request duration

The duration of the request in milliseconds.


You can also monitor the LDAP connection pool. For more information, see Directory Server Connection Pool Log.


Below is an example of the log output for a search request:

Mon Dec O9 10:07:32 CET 2005-12-05
performSimpleSearch: ldap access at 1133773652735
      with search base:

Mon Dec 05 
10:07:32 CET 2005
performSimpleSearch returning from ldap after:6 ms


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