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Procedure documentation Creating Where-Used Lists for Roles (RSUSR002)  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You can use this report to search for certain roles, such as all users that have the System Administrator role.



       1.      Start the user information system (transaction SUIM).

       2.      Expand the nodes Where-Used List and Roles.

       3.      Choose the Execute option next to In Users.

       4.      Specify the role(s) for which you want to create a where-used list (for example, using the multiple selection or a generic entry with placeholders), and choose Execute.

The result list appears.

       5.      Additional functions are available to you there.


The result list shows all users to whom the roles entered on the selection screen are assigned.

Functions in the Result List



Display Details

Displays profiles for the selected user, including the authorization objects, authorizations, and authorization fields

List with Roles

List of users with their roles

List with Profiles

List of users with their profiles

Change Documents

List of change documents for the users selected in the result list



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