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Procedure documentation Creating Composite Roles   Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


Composite roles can simplify the user administration.

They consist of single roles. Users who are assigned a composite role are automatically assigned the associated single roles during the compare. Composite roles do not themselves contain authorization data.

Setting up composite roles are useful for example if some of your staff need authorization for several roles. You can create a composite role and assign it to the users instead of putting each user in each required single role.



       1.      Enter a name in the Role field in the role maintenance (transaction PFCG).


The SAP System does not distinguish between the names of simple and composite roles. You should adopt your own naming convention to distinguish between simple and composite roles.

       2.      Choose Create collective role.

       3.      You can define the composite role in the following screen.

       4.      Save your entries.

       5.      Enter the roles in the composite role in the Roles tab page. You can display all the simple roles in the system with the possible entries help.


You cannot include composite roles in a composite role.

       6.      You can restructure the role menus which you read in with Read menu, in the Menu tab. For more information, see Creating a Single Role.
This does not affect the menus of the roles.

Note also the information about menus of composite roles provided if you choose Information (This graphic is explained in the accompanying text) on the Menu tab page.

       7.      Either enter the names of the users individually in the Users tab (manually or from the possible entries help) or choose Selection. You can define selection criteria (such as  all users in a user group)

If you select a username and choose Display, detailed user information is displayed.

Choose Compare users. The user data is updated after the comparison.

Note that users which are assigned to a composite role are displayed on a gray background in its roles (not changeable). The user assignment should only be changed in the composite role.


You can display an overview of Roles in composite roles with the View pushbutton in the role maintenance initial screen.


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