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The Failed Components function enables you to view all failed applications and services.

To view the number of all failed applications, choose the Applications function. Restart the application you want.


You have started SAP NetWeaver Administrator and use the AS Java Overview tool.


Managing Failed Applications

If restart does not take effect, proceed as following:

  1. From the context menu, choose View Failed Applications.

    The Start & Stop tool is opened.

  2. From the table in the Application List area, select the failed application.

  3. Go to the Modules tab from the Details About screen area and choose Application Module Details.

  4. Choose the Context tab from Web Modules Details.

  5. Select theActivate URL Session Tracking (locally defined) checkbox and choose Save.

Managing Failed Services
  1. To view all failed services, choose Services and go to View Failed Services from the dropdown menu

  2. To start the service you want, select it from the table in Services and choose Start.