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 Licence Data Tab Page  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


You specify the contractual user type of the user on this tab page.

For more information about user types, see the SAP Service Marketplace under the path  System Measurement Named User  User Classification.

If you are using Central User Administration, you can edit the user types in the central system using User Maintenance (transaction SU01) or Mass User Maintenance (transaction SU10). The following requirements must be fulfilled:

        Central and child systems have a release status of at least SAP Web AS 6.20 and SAP Note 704412 is installed

        In transaction SCUM, the maintenance of the license data is set to Global (see Setting Distribution Parameters for Fields). This is the default setting for a new installation of the CUA.

        You have transferred the users with all of their data (address data, license data, and so on) from the child systems to the central system (see Transferring Users from New Systems)





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