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This tab page is only displayed if you are using Secure Network Communications (SNC). It contains the following fields:

SNC Name

The SNC name is the user name from the external security product that you copy from there and either enter in this field or in table USRACL. A unique, that is a canonical SNC Name is also generated for storage in the database.

Unsecure communication permitted (user-specific)

To allow unsecure communication, although you have activated SNC with profile parameter snc/enable set this indicator.

Possible Combinations of Profile Parameters and Indicators


Indicator not set

Indicator set

0 (do not permit unsecure communication)



U (user-dependent)


no SNC

1 (permit unsecure communication)

no SNC

no SNC


See also:

         The SNC user manual in the SAP Service Marketplace (  Security in Detail  Secure System Management

         SAP Note 66687: Use of Network Security Products


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