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Procedure documentation Changing Standard Roles  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


The roles in the standard delivery correspond to the working environment of certain users. As these roles are only templates; that is, examples of work centers, you must still adjust these roles to the requirements of your users.



       1.      Choose the pushbutton Create role or the transaction PFCG in the initial transaction SAP Easy Access.

       2.      Enter the name of the delivered standard role in the Role field (for example, using the possible entry help).


The predefined standard roles are delivered as templates. They begin with the prefix "SAP_".

       3.      Copy the standard role by choosing Copy role and enter a name from the customer namespace.


Do not change the delivered standard roles (SAP_*), but rather only the copies of these roles  (Z_*). Otherwise, the standard roles that you have modified will be overwritten by newly delivered standard roles during a later upgrade or release change.

       4.      Choose Change (the new name is in the Role field).

       5.      You can change the user menu on the Menu tab page. You can reduce, extend or restructure it. For more information, see Creating a Role Menu.

       6.      On the Authorizations tab, choose Change authorization data.

       7.      Maintain the authorization field values as required. To adjust the authorizations for the menu changes, choose the Profile generation expert mode pushbutton on the Authorizations tab and then Read old version and adjust to new data. The following overview shows you which authorizations you must maintain. For more information, see Editing Predefined Authorizations.

       8.      Generate the profile for the role.

       9.      Assign users on the User tab page and compare users if necessary.


The users must already exist in the system before you can assign them. For more information, see Creating and maintaining user master records.


The users to whom you have assigned the role can logon to the system. The user menu with the transactions, reports and internet links that they require for their work and for which they have been assigned the necessary authorizations, appears.




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