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There are multiple tools available for you to monitor the SAP E-Sourcing application, some of which are embedded in the application itself, while others are integrated in SAP NetWeaver Administrator (NWA). The cache monitoring function is found in SAP NWA.

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The monitoring tools for SAP E-Sourcing in SAP NWA are only relevant if your SAP E-Sourcing application is integrated with SAP NetWeaver.

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The cache monitoring function allows you to:

  • Enable or disable all cache entries for SAP E-Sourcing

  • Request updates to individual cache entries for a context

  • View information about cache entries, such as status, last update, hits, misses, and discards


  1. From SAP NWA, choose   Availability and Performance   Resource Monitoring   SAP E-Sourcing Monitoring   Cache  

  2. Select the Status checkbox and then choose Enable or Disable.

  3. Select the enterprise or system context from the dropdown list in the table header.

  4. Select an individual cache entry and then choose Update.