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Search Console in SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio (SAP NWDS) is a central location which allows you to discover different development artifacts. The console is an extensible tool which comprises multiple search functions and enables you to discover the artifacts that are developed with the corresponding toolsets. The search capabilities delivered by the Search Console are as explained below:

  • Search for service interfaces on systems of the Solution Composer.

    You define search criteria and then you can browse the displayed results. As a next step, you can import service interfaces to the workspace, and create consumers for them. You can use Search Console in multiple tools of SAP NWDS, and thus create different consumers for the enterprise services depending on the tool that is currently used. This means that Search Console enables you to import and consume enterprise services in different tools, such as Composite Application Framework (CAF), Web Dynpro (WD), Business Process Modeling (BPM), and Visual Composer (VC).

  • Search for remote function call modules (RFC) on AS ABAP business systems.

    You can also use Search Console to find RFC function modules hosted by AS ABAP systems. When you discover an RFC module, you can download it in your workspace. The tools convert the RFC to a comprehensible WSDL document and you can use that document to create a consumer for that particular RFC. Similarly to the service interfaces consumption, you can download the RFC to the workspaces of different tools and thus consume the RFC in the corresponding tool.

  • Search for Java EE Web services in the local workspace.

    Similarly to the JAX-WS Domain Object Model, Search Console allows you to search for service interfaces in your local workspace.

    More information: Viewing Web Service Artifacts

Using Search Console, you can build your own set of favorite service interfaces which you can save into a uniform location that is part of the Search Console. The Search Favorites hosts your favorite service interfaces, and makes them available anytime you want to create a consumer for them.


  1. Open the Search Console view in SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio. Choose   Window   Show View   Other  .

    The Show View window opens.

  2. Expand the Search Console folder and choose Search Console.

  3. Create a connection to systems on the Solution Composer or AS ABAP systems that host RFCs.

    More information:

    Configuring Connections to Solution Composer Systems

    Creating RFC Destinations

  4. Find enterprise services on the Solution Composer.

    More information:

    Searching for Enterprise Services in Solution Composer

    Searching for Web Services in the Local Workspace

  5. Find RFC function modules on AS ABAP systems.

    More information: Searching for RFC Function Modules

  6. Import enterprise services or RFC function modules on the workspace.

    More information:

    Importing Enterprise Services in the Workspace

    Importing RFC Function Modules in the Workspace

  7. Open the Search Favorites view in SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio. Choose   Window   Show View   Other  .

  8. The Show View window opens. Expand the Search Console folder and choose Favorites.

  9. Proceed with the following task:

    More information: Browsing Services in Search Favorites