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A group that contains all the users assigned to a specific company. Company groups are determined dynamically at runtime and are not stored in the user data source (directory service or database).

After you activate companies by setting the corresponding user management properties and restarting the NetWeaver Application Server (AS) Java, the company groups are automatically displayed on the user interface and you can assign users and roles to them. If you deactivate companies, the company groups are no longer displayed.

Company groups are named as follows:

        The company group is called:

Company <company_name> (STPD_<company_name>)


Company Wiggles (STPD_ Wiggles)

      There is a guest user company group you can enable for users who do not belong to a company. This group has the default name GUEST_USERS_COMPANY (Company Guest Users).


Company groups make it easier to administrate companies. You can assign roles to company groups, thus making it easy to assign a role to all members of a particular company. You can assign company groups to other groups. The following constraints apply:

      You can assign company groups to other user management engine (UME) groups; specifically groups stored in the database of the AS Java. You cannot assign any groups to company groups.

      You cannot change the names of company groups. They are fixed.

      You cannot delete company groups.


For information about creating companies and company groups, see Configuring Delegated User Administration Using Companies.

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